Palkowitschia: succulents, cacti, bulbs



Dear growers of succulent plants

28th list of cacti and other succulents continues in tradition of all previous ones and I hope you will find here interesting items. All plants are propagated in cultivation from our own mother plants or they come from the registered nurseries and specialists all over the world. The botanical potential is strictly controlled and locality data are provided when available. Plants are offered under the names which are believed to be true for the species. Our main aim is to reproduce plants which are gradually destroyed in nature and to introduce them to cultivation. All plants are in our greenhouses in Prague in area of 250m2. You are welcome to visit us in Prague but please make appointment by phone or e-mail as greenhouses have no opening hours. Prague is a beautiful city, worthy to visit and our travel agency can help you with your program.

 The greenhouse contains many plants which are not listed in the catalogue due to their limited amount or seasonal availability. These are mainly caudiciform plants or species of Euphorbia, Raphionacme, Conophytum, Lithops, Pachypodium. The greenhouses also contain part of our collection, mainly Madagascan and caudiciform plants. Recently the whole Lithops collection was transferred into another greenhouse.

We are busy with a new greenhouse project which will be 15km away from our place in Prague just next to the highway towards Dresden. We plan over 1000 m2. The paper work takes lot of time and we expect to start building in late 2017 or early 2018.

You can see our catalogue at the internet address In 2009 we made a new system to make your orientation easy and also to be able to add new coming plants through all year round. We try to add photos of plants we sell. This web site also contains a list of specimen plants, literature, photos from our travels, pumice and lava offers and other interesting information. We do not sell seeds. New items will be offered at internet during the year. So watch it regularly. E-mail is the best way for communication and we will response as soon as possible. Please contact us at

Travel agency Palkowitschia makes several trips every year to natural habitat of cacti and succulents. The final program is settled according to your wishes. We visit mainly South Africa, Namibia, Mexico, Madagascar, Chile, Kenya but co-operate with specialists to other countries so we should be able to provide you offer for other states too. Keep asking…

We wish you pleasant time with succulents.

                                                                                  Mgr. Petr Pavelka jr.