Palkowitschia: succulents, cacti, bulbs


Conditions of sale

Minimum order is 100€. Packing fee is 5€. Orders over 250€ have no packing fee.

Your order will be sent via our internet shop and you will get an automatic confirmation. Please use our internet shop as we have exact number of plants offered and each number of plants is immediately deducted from our stock. If you order in your own list we cannot guarantee plants will be available as it is not connected with our stock.

Airmail postage differs from state to state.

The postage for parcels up to 2kg is following:


For Europe minimum post fee is 7.5EUR for less than 500g

to 1kg 11EUR

to 2kg 18EUR


For EU countries we have new delivery via GLS company and prices are following:


to 2kg

to 3kg

to 5kg

to 10kg

to 15kg

to 20kg

to 25kg

to 30kg

to 40kg

to 50kg

Austria,Croatia, Hungary, Germany, Poland, Slovinia, Romania

€ 10

€ 13

€ 14

€ 16

€ 18

€ 19

€ 20

€ 21

€ 23

€ 25

Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lihuania, Luxemburg, Netherland

€ 13

€ 16

€ 18

€ 22

€ 24

€ 25

€ 27

€ 29

€ 31

€ 34

Bulgaria, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

€ 18

€ 22

€ 24

€ 28

€ 29

€ 31

€ 33

€ 35

€ 38

€ 45

Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Malta, Portugal, Sweden

€ 25

€ 29

€ 32

€ 49

€ 54

€ 68

€ 79

€ 88

€ 101

€ 121

Price may change during the year depending on price of petrol and local fees but we do not expect big differences, usually in several % of given amount.


Other airmail prices for post via Czech Post – prices can slightly differ from reality du to current rate and changes in post fees. For parcels over 2kg we charge post according to reality.


5kg parcel to Poland is 15EUR

5kg parcel to Holland, Italy is 25EUR

5kg parcel to France, Hungary is 29EUR

5kg parcel to Germany is 32EUR

5kg parcel to Belgium, Spain, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom is 35EUR



Outside Europe minimum post fee is 10EUR for less than 500g

to 1kg 15EUR

to 2kg 24EUR


Other airmail prices for post via Czech Post

5kg parcel to India,  Russia, Thailand is 51EUR

5kg parcel to USA is 62EUR

5kg parcel to China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan is 82EUR


Other way of sending:

We can also sent via EMS (fast post service) but prices are higher and we can provide them on request.

Bigger orders we sent via air-cargo through our cargo agent. This is far cheapest way of sending and prices are always on request.


Plants are sent without pots with bare roots, registered, so we can trace the parcel if it was lost. We do not take any responsibility for any parcel loss if customer requires other way of posting than registered letter or parcel.


Additional costs

Please note additional costs which must be added to your plant order to fit all European Union regulations. It concerns mostly exports outside of European Union.


In EU no phytosanitary certificate or CITES permit is required.

For countries outside of Europen Union, phytosanitary certificate costs 40EUR. There is new fee for each visit of the phytosanitary officer in the greenhouse from May 2018

All CITES plants from Appendix B sent outside of European Union will be accompanied by phytosanitary certificate which cost 30€. Phytosanitary certificate for artificially propagated plants replaces CITES export permit - see


If CITES export permit is required it takes about 1 month and is charged 60EUR. It concerns mostly Appendix A species.


Customs export documents (VDD) costs 22EUR and the price will be added to the final calculation.



above 250EUR is 5%,

above 500EUR is 8%

above 1000EUR is 10%

Minimum order to get discount is  50 plants from at least 10 diferent items (not 50 plants from the same item!!!)

Plants from Special offer are excluded from any discounts.


Orders are dispatched from 15th August and later orders usually within 2-4 weeks. There can be some delay due to cold weather or amount of orders. We send orders one by one as we received then. Plants are sent till 15th October. In 2018 we cannot accept any visitor as we are busy with new greenhouse project and you will be informed when it will be done, we hope during 2019.

We accept last orders on 15th September and after this date we delete our offer from our www. After this date we continue sending plants from previous orders. Then we close but we actively prepare for the next season and we have to organize all for winter.

If the plants you received came damaged, died during the transport or somehow do not fit your order, contact us immediately or latest 14 days after you received plants. Later no complaints will be accepted.


For payment please use one of the following methods


  1. Bank transfer in EUR to the account name Palkowitschia spol. s r. o.  in Fio Bank IBAN CZ7820100000002300235054, Swift FIOBCZPPXXX (Bank address: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1, Czech Republic, 1EUR (for European countries) is added to the invoice for bank fee or 2EUR for bank fee if you are transferring from non-European country. It is the cheapest way of payment to Czech Republic but make sure you transfer EUR. Payment in USD, GBP, PLN, HUN or CZK has 4EUR bank fee, payment in all other currencies has 16EUR bank fee which the customer is supposed to pay. From March 2014 Fio Bank is using SEPA system so there should easy communication between the banks. SWIFT can be written as FIOBCZPP or  FIOBCZPPXXX with additional XXX if the bank requires  11 figures. Sometimes there can be an intermediate bank fee 10-15€ - usually from payment outside of Europe. So please ask your bank to pay all fees.


  1. Bank transfer in EUR to the account name Palkowitschia spol. s r. o.  in Ceskoslovenska obchodní banka a.s. (ČSOB), IBAN CZ7503000000000278604757, Swift CEKOCZPPXXX (Bank address: Ceskoslovenska obchodní banka a.s., Radlicka 333/150, Prague 5, Czech Republic, Bank fee is 4EUR. We use this bank account mainly for credit card payments.


  1. We are able to acceptcredit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club). We cannot accept credit cards when you buy directly in the greenhouse. Credit cards can be used only for postal orders. If you like to use credit card payment, please let us know and we will develop a secure link for you and send it to you and you will make payment yourself. We will charge you extra 3.5% of the total amount to cover fees of this service.


  1. Payment also can be done to our Paypal account Due to different paypal service system fees, we will charge you extra 3.9%+10CZK (0.43EUR) (mainly for European countries) or 4.9%+10CZK (0.43EUR) (mainly for non-European countries) of the total amount to cover fees of this service.


Do not send payment in advance, you will be informed about final amount of your order then your payment will be required. The detailed calculation with notes in your order will come with the parcel.