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New greenhouses finished

New greenhouses in Úžice village are finished finally!!!!

The whole construction and all permits took 3 years. I could write a book about the time-consuming process and about the neighbour who was blocking it by all means. His main argument was that greenhouses will be too noisy and for the health of people he will not allow to spoil their life conditions in area which is already too noisy. I need to say that the area is just next to the main highway D 8 from Prague to Dresden. Thanks to his effort the first constructing permit was abolished by the court´s decision and I had to start the process to renew the constructing permit and to pay for various and costly noise measurements. Then I got the new permit and could finished the greenhouses. In opposite all other neighbours were helping me and we have very good relationship. And the envious neighbour sold his house and new owners is fine as well. In fact, the new greenhouses by their sizes reduced noise from Tesco store houses in the residential area. But this is how it works in my country.

How to find us?

The greenhouses as easily accessible from D8 highway going from Prague to Ústí nad Labem, Dresden.

From Dresden to Prague - take the exit Nr.9 to Kralupy nad Vltavou, then turn left to the bridge over the highway, continue straight over the runabout towards Úžice and the greenhouses (1 200 m2) will be in about 300 m on your left. The tarmac exit towards the main gate is indicated by the traffic sign.

From Prague to Dresden - take the exit Nr.9 to Kralupy nad Vltavou, use the last exit on runabout towards Úžice and you will find the greenhouses in about 300 m on your left.

Coordinates: 50.249974829311086, 14.381376171052548


Visitors are welcome. The greenhouses were finished at the end of the season, we still make working sale system, move plants to their places and winter is coming therefore all visits must be made by prior appointment by telephone or email. We expect that it will become easier to visit the nursery in 2022 but due to amount of work it will still be better to make prior appointment. We will inform you on our website.

Plant offer

We did not offer any plants in our internet shop in last 2 years. When we make a new list, we will inform you on our website.

We mainly offer succulent plants from Madagascar, Tanzania, South Africa, both small seedling and also nice specimens. There are also cacti and new items are added during the whole season.

 We are looking forward to your visit and cooperation

 Petr Pavelka

No new offer in close future due to construction of new greenhouses

Due to construction of new greenhouses we temporarily stopped any offer. There is no capacity to make it, bureucracy takes all our time.

If we make a list during the year we will inform all customers by e-mail but greenhouse construction is priority this year.

We appologize for any inconvenience.

New section Travelling

A new section Travelling is online. You can find there our offer, recommended contacts and photogalleries from our trips to South America, southern Africa, Madagascar and Kenya.

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